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Pause Reps – Outdated Faculty Gymnasium


“Pause Reps for true power and stability”

Have you ever ever watched somebody bench press a formidable weight however seen them bounce it off of their chest?  What concerning the man curling (within the squat rack in fact) 185lbs who swings it up after which simply let it drop? How about somebody taking a heavy weight right into a low squat however bouncing out of the underside place?

Whereas all 3 of those situations require power, for those who practice this fashion you might be lacking out on an essential element of power coaching: the isometric contraction.  The isometric contraction refers to when muscular tissues tense and contract however don’t change size and there’s no motion throughout the joint. Image that man doing the heavy bicep curl.  The concentric contraction of the bicep happens because the bicep shortens and the bar travels upward. An isometric contraction happens when the bar quits shifting on the prime. And at last, an eccentric contraction happens because the bicep lengthens and the burden is lowered to the beginning place.

So if conventional weightlifting emphasizes primarily the concentric and eccentric contraction of the muscle by elevating and decreasing a weight, why ought to we be involved with the isometric contraction?  Effectively for starters, research have proven that in isometric coaching the physique is ready to activate a better variety of motor items than another sort of coaching. Isometric coaching can be an effective way to extend the Time Below Rigidity of every repetition by using pause reps.

Pause reps are essentially the most sensible (and useful) option to implement isometric coaching into your coaching routine.  Conventional Isometric coaching entails pushing or pulling in opposition to an immovable object at a hard and fast place for five – 10 seconds.  Utilizing the bench press for instance, think about setting the rack pins on the half method level and urgent in opposition to the bar at max effort for five seconds.  Though this model is efficient and will be utilized even with no gear – pushing in opposition to a wall for instance – I discover it to be an excessive amount of of a departure from my regular routine.  There’s one thing satisfying about shifting heavy weight through a variety of movement, and conventional isometric coaching takes that out of the equation. Pause reps are one of the best of each worlds, you get to maneuver some heavy weight whereas specializing in the isometric contraction at a set level within the motion.

Historically, a pause rep might be utilized on the level of an train the place the motion switches from eccentric to concentric, corresponding to when the bar touches your chest throughout a bench press.   A significant mistake I see when lifters use pause reps is enjoyable barely throughout the pause – resting the bar on their chest or letting their hips get unfastened whereas holding the underside pause on a squat.  The secret is to maintain every part tight for 3-5 seconds, urgent in opposition to the bar because it sits in your chest although it isn’t shifting. This can be a “transition pause”, essentially the most primary type of pause reps, and listed below are a number of different variations:

Transition Pause– the isometric contraction is held on the level the place the motion adjustments from eccentric to concentric.  Instance: holding the pause on the backside of a bench press.

Iso-Lateral Pause – this can be a model of pause reps utilized on dumbbell actions.  One dumbbell is held in an isometric contraction whereas the opposite completes a full vary of movement.  Sometimes the burden is held on the transition pause, and the reps are alternated backwards and forwards as you full both sides.  Instance: curl each dumbbells to the highest, then maintain one in place as you full a full vary of movement curl with the opposite. As soon as the shifting curl returns to the highest place, maintain it in place as you curl the opposite facet.

Eccentric Pause– make the most of one or a number of pauses at completely different intervals whereas decreasing the burden.  Instance: Serrano Pause squats, developed by my mentor Dr Eric Serrano, which make the most of 5 separate 3 second pauses on the way in which down, with the final one on the very backside of the squat.

Concentric Pause – pause throughout the concentric portion of the motion.  Instance: Throughout a deadlift, pull the burden off the ground then pause for 3 seconds when the bar is just under the knee earlier than ending the rep.

There are additionally a number of completely different methods for using Pause reps throughout a exercise.  You may pause every rep of a set or simply the ultimate rep of every set. Every pause will be held for a set time of three to five seconds, or you’ll be able to make the most of the Rep Maintain Technique, which is the place the size of the pause corresponds to the variety of the rep (the third rep is held for 3 seconds, the forth for 4 seconds, and so on.).  Blended set pauses make the most of pause reps on the primary 3-5 reps then end the set with a sure variety of common repetitions. Give this 3 day exercise cut up a strive that includes all of those methods on a number of various kinds of pause reps.

Exercise #1

  1. Superset: 5 units

Deadlift – 3 reps (pause at knee top)

Pull Ups – 3 pause reps + 7 common

  1. T- Bar Row – 5 x 5 – pause solely on the ultimate rep for five seconds

  1. Seated Row – 3 x 10 pause on the primary rep for 10 seconds, 2nd rep for 9 seconds, and so on till you attain the ultimate rep for a 1 second pause.

  1. DB Iso-Curl – 3 x 5 both sides

  1. Plank Positions – 6 minutes whole

This exercise begins with a superset of Deadlift and Pull-Ups.  Make the most of Concentric Pauses on the deadlift, pausing for 3 seconds when the bar is just under the knee.  After the pause consider pushing your hips to the bar and squeezing your glutes as you full the motion.  Throughout the pull ups you’ll pause for five seconds on the prime of the primary three reps, then full an extra 7 reps.  Subsequent up is T-bar Row, the place you pause solely on the final rep. Throughout the units of Seated Row you’ll make the most of a “reverse Rep Maintain Technique”.  Pause the primary rep for 10 seconds, the second rep for 9 seconds, and preserve moving into descending order till the tenth rep is held for a 1 second pause.  On each T-bar and Seated Row the pause is held on the “prime” of the row when your scapula is totally retracted. To finish Dumbbell Iso-Curls, curl each dumbbells to the highest, then maintain one in place as you full a full vary of movement curl with the opposite.  As soon as the shifting curl returns to the highest place, maintain it in place as you curl the opposite facet. After 3 units, end up with the last word take a look at of core isometric power, a six minute plank. Swap to facet planks when crucial, however maintain every place completely nonetheless for so long as potential.

Exercise #2

  1. DB Bench – 10, 5, 5, then 3 x 3 pause reps

  1. Superset: 5 units

DB Iso-Shoulder Press – 5 both sides

Iso-Shoulder Fly – 8 both sides

  1. Superset: 3 units

Shrugs – 10 reps utilizing the rep maintain methodology (variety of rep corresponds to the size of the pause.  Instance: rep 6 has a 6 second pause)

Dips – Max reps, pause for 3 seconds on the backside of every

  1. Iso Kick Backs – 3 units of 5 both sides + 5 common reps

  1. Push Ups – 3 x max reps, pause briefly 3 instances on the way in which down of every rep

  1. Hanging L-Sit Holds – 3 x 5-10 seconds

Begin this exercise with a heat up set on dumbbell bench then 2 heavy units of 5, earlier than utilizing pause reps on the final 3 units of three reps.  Keep in mind to carry every part tight on the backside of the pause, don’t let the weights relaxation in your chest. Subsequent up is a superset of iso-lateral model shoulder press and Shoulder Flys.  Press each of the weights up and maintain on the half method level. Press the opposite DB up, all the way in which down, after which again to the middle. Alternate sides every rep. For the Flys, deliver each DBs all the way in which up, and preserve one on the prime place as you full a full vary of movement on the opposite facet.  Make the most of the Rep Maintain Technique on Shrugs and superset that with Dips the place you pause on the backside. Subsequent up is Iso-Kick backs. I desire to do these laying face down and flat on a bench. Carry each elbows up and kick the weights again locking them into place. Alternate sides for five reps as you retain one facet flexed.  End the set with 5 extra common kick backs. After your third set, full 3 units of Push Ups for max reps, using 3 Eccentric pauses on the way in which down. The primary pause must be about 1/4 of the way in which down, the second pause on the halfway level, and the third pause simply earlier than your chest would contact the ground.  Finish with 3 units of hanging L-Sit Holds of 5-10 seconds every.

Exercise #3

  1. Squats – 3 x 5 heat up units

   Serrano Pause Squats – 3 x 3, on every rep pause 5 separate instances for a 3 depend on the eccentric (decreasing) portion of the squat

  1. Break up Squats – 5/5, 4/4, 3/3, 2/2, 1/1 – pause reps on final 3 units

  1. Superset:

Goblet Squat – 5 pause reps

Hamstring Bridge – 5 pause reps

  1. Reverse Hyper Extension:  3 x 10 reps, 3 second pause on the prime

This exercise begins with 3 units of Squats, warming as much as a heavy weight earlier than beginning Serrano Pause Squats.  For a Serrano Squat you’ll pause 5 separate instances for 3 seconds on the way in which down. The secret is to attempt to area the pauses out at even intervals, for those who put to a lot distance between them one can find your self out of room on the backside of your squat with 2 extra pauses to go.  Make sure that to remain tight and secure, exploding up and out of the fifth pause. Subsequent up is 5 units of Bulgarian Break up Squats using a 3 second pause on the backside of every rep of the final 3 units. Attempt to transfer up in weight every set. Subsequent, transition right into a superset of Goblet Squat and Hamstring Bridge.  For Goblet Squats, maintain a dumbbell or kettle bell at chest top and maintain the underside portion of the squat for five seconds. To finish a hamstring bridge, lay in your again with one foot up on a bench and the opposite leg straight up within the air. Push your hips up, aiming for a straight line from the knee through the hip to your shoulder, and pause on the prime.  Finish with 3 units of Reverse Hyper Extension, pausing for 3 seconds together with your decrease again totally contracted on the prime of every rep.

There you will have it, a fantastic 3 day exercise plan that includes each sort of pause rep conceivable.  I like to recommend doing all 3 of the exercises in a row, then take 1 or 2 days of lively restoration earlier than beginning with Exercise #1 once more.  Give it a pair weeks and this isometric focus may have you feeling stronger and extra secure than ever. You may be amazed at how gentle  weight will really feel on “common” reps. Keep tuned to Muscle & Energy for extra distinctive exercises and ensure to comply with me on Instagram @coachmyers_gutcheck for every day motivation!


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