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Navy Monday: Get Torched with This Legs, Core, and Cardio Exercise


With robust legs, a strong core, and excessive cardio capability, you are able to do rattling close to something (not less than from a bodily efficiency perspective). This  legs, core, and cardio exercise was created to assist troopers survive the brand new Military Fight Health Check (ACFT), however it may also be utilized by civilians to outlive, interval.

That’s purposeful health, folks.

Featured Coach: SPC Chris Kellum is a sniper staff infantryman within the Florida Military Nationwide Guard. A NETA-certified private coach and member of the Bravo Sierra staff, his mission is to encourage others by incorporating health and navy on his YouTube channel and documenting the method of transitioning to a warrant officer to go to flight faculty. All of his exercises may be discovered on his Playbook health app.

Gear Wanted: Absolutely outfitted gymnasium — barbell, plates, loaded sled, mini resistance bands, train ball, dumbbells, cables.

Time Dedication: About an hour.

Exercise Overview: Kellum’s routine will improve cardio capability whereas constructing power and supreme performance within the decrease physique. The principle elements of the exercise are as follows:

Decrease-body power circuits (3) – The primary one incorporates two traditional lifting strikes (squats and lunges); the second prescribes sled work (push and pulling) and lateral band walks; and the third hits posterior chain and calves with Romanian deadlifts, hip thrusts, and calf raises. “You’ll be lifting much less weight than normal, because the depth is excessive,” says Kellum. “However we nonetheless wish to concentrate on correct kind, which may be compromised by lifting heavy whereas depleted.”

Core isolation – 4 workouts (a crunch, two rotational strikes, and a plank maintain) carried out with quick intervals.

HIIT cardio sprints – Two miles whole of operating, damaged up into two 800-meter jogs (warmup and cooldown), two 400-meter sprints, two 200-meter sprints, and 4 100-meter sprints. A 1:1 work-to-rest ratio will make this portion of the exercise difficult (if not downright grueling).

“This exercise has been designed to create a construction to extend the fight effectiveness of our service members,” says Kellum. “The Military has launched the brand new Military Fight Health Check, and to assist troopers grasp the occasions, I developed my very own ‘Hybrid Warrior’ coaching plan. That is Half 1 of the plan to assist construct power and endurance within the legs.”

Chris Kellum’s Legs, Core & Cardio Exercise


  • Ahead Leg Swings – 20 reps per leg
  • Lateral Leg Swings – 20 reps per leg
  • Groiners – 2 units, 20 reps per leg
  • Sled Push – 2 units, 20 yards (sluggish march, lengthy steps, 1-2 45-pound plates)

Legs Exercise

5 Exercise Athletes Sled Push
gradyreese / Getty

Circuit 1 | 4 Rounds:

    • Barbell Squat – 10-12 reps
    • Reverse Lunge – 12 reps per leg
    • Relaxation 45-60 seconds

Circuit 2 | 4 Rounds:

    • Sled Push & Pull – 20 yards down (push), 20 yards again (pull)
    • Lateral Band Squat Stroll – 20 yards down, 20 yards again
    • Relaxation 45-60 seconds

Circuit 3 | 4 Rounds:

    • Romanian Deadlift – 12-15 reps
    • Glute Hip Thrust – 12-15 reps
    • Seated Dumbbell Calf Increase – 12-15 reps
    • Relaxation 45-60 seconds

Core Exercise

Boxer working out his core muscles by doing a plank exercise in a boxing gym
G-Inventory Studio

Full all units of every train earlier than shifting to the subsequent; relaxation 15 seconds between units.

  • Train Ball Crunch – 3 units, 30 reps
  • Mason Twists (aka Russian Twists) – 2 units, 40 reps
  • Facet Cable Twist – 3 units, 15 reps per facet
  • Plank Maintain – 1 set, max time (shoot for two + minutes)

HIIT Cardio Exercise

Muscular man doing HIIT sprinting workouts by sprinting on a running track
Jesus Cervantes

Carry out this cardio protocol after the above circuits and core exercise, or in a separate session.

Instructions: Alternate between sprints and relaxation – dash the space listed, then relaxation the period of time it took to finish the dash. For instance, if it took you 3 minutes to run 800 meters, relaxation for 3 minutes then begin the working units. If it takes 90 seconds to run the primary 400-meter dash, relaxation 90 seconds earlier than the subsequent.


Working Units

  • 2 x 400m sprints
  • 2 x 200m sprints
  • 4 x 100m sprints

Settle down

Train Notes

  • Barbell Squat – Use a weight that’s roughly 50% of your 1-rep max (1RM); for instance, in case your 1RM is 320, use 160 kilos for the 10- to 12-rep units. When you don’t have a barbell (or desire to not do the barbell model), use dumbbells, a kettlebell, or a Smith machine as a substitute.
  • Reverse Lunge – Load with both a barbell in your again or holding dumbbells or kettlebells at your sides. Use sufficient weight that 12 reps is difficult.
  • Sled Push & Pull – Push the sled 20 yards quick, then pull it again slowly (strolling backward) to the beginning place.
  • Lateral Band Squat Stroll – Carry out this train by putting a mini-band round your thighs, simply above the knees. Get right into a squat place (thighs round parallel with the ground), take lateral steps on this place. Go 20 yards to at least one facet, then 20 yards in the wrong way. To extend problem, maintain a plate or dumbbell out in entrance of you for core and shoulder activation.
  • Romanian Deadlift – This may be finished with both a barbell or dumbbells.
  • Glute Hip Thrust – Carry out this train with a barbell resting in your hip crease, sitting sideways to a bench, along with your higher again on the bench.
  • Seated Dumbbell Calf Increase – When you’ve got a seated calf elevate machine accessible, you need to use that as a substitute of dumbbells. In any other case, place two heavy dumbbells on prime of your knees to carry out the transfer.
  • Mason Twists – To extend problem (for superior people), maintain a drugs or weight plate over your chest with arms bent.
  • Facet Cable Twist – Carry out this train standing sideways to the burden stack, holding the cable in entrance of you and twisting your torso to at least one facet. Do all reps for one facet, then repeat on the opposite facet. Don’t relaxation between sides. This train may also be finished with a resistance band.
  • Plank Maintain – When you repeat this exercise greater than as soon as, make it your aim to extend the maintain period every time.



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