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Cherry MX Velocity Vs Brown Switches: Which Are Greatest For Gaming?


Mechanical switches are nothing new on the earth of gaming keyboards, the truth is, one of these swap has been round for a really very long time, giving customers a extra dependable and responsive expertise. The mechanical swap provides all kinds of options which means you possibly can actually personalize your keyboard. A well-recognized title on the subject of this swap kind is Cherry MX. Cherry MX is a model now synonymous with gaming keyboards and in case you have ever been trying to purchase a brand new board, you might be prone to have seen this model of switches.

Cherry MX has a big catalog of various swap varieties, providing a wide range of options to cater for various desires and wishes. At this time we’re evaluating Cherry MX Velocity Vs Brown, that can assist you make an knowledgeable resolution in your subsequent swap or keyboard buy. These two swap varieties are totally different almost throughout the board, with each differing in working pressure, journey distance, and noise.

Mechanical Vs Membrane: What’s The Distinction?

When speaking about switches, there are two important classes that they fall beneath – Mechanical and membrane. A swap sits beneath the keycaps in your keyboard and is answerable for registering a keypress, which takes place when a keypress reaches its actuation level, sending that info to your PC.

Mechanical Switch vs Membrane Switch scaled 1

Mechanical switches include a wide range of totally different distinctive options that give potential patrons a tailor-made choice to their very own bespoke wants. You may count on mechanical switches to be extra responsive, produce totally different noises, include totally different working forces, diverse journey time, and tactility. Membrane switches, nevertheless, are usually thought-about to be the identical, with the odd distinction from keyboard to keyboard.

Cherry MX Velocity Vs Brown

Cherry MX Velocity Silver switches differ from Cherry MX Brown in each method, except for the interior workings and common housing supplies. Firstly, the Cherry MX Velocity swap is a linear fashion variant that carefully resembles the Cherry MX crimson’s, with a shorter actuation distance. The Brown swap is one in all Cherry MX’s fashionable tactile switches that feels much like Cherry MX Blues however is way quieter.

  Cherry MX Velocity Cherry MX Brown
Swap Characterstic Linear Tactile
Actuation Pressure 45 cN working pressure 55 cN working pressure
Key Journey 1.2mm 2.0mm
Full Actuation Distance 3.4mm 4.0mm
Sound Audible – non-clicky Audible – non-clicky

Cherry MX Velocity

Cherry MX Velocity, also referred to as Velocity Silver, is very similar to MX Pink’s, with a linear fashion, low actuation pressure, and brief complete journey. In principle, as a consequence of these having a decrease journey distance, they’re higher for gaming (extra responsive) however the distinction is negligible. These are very quiet switches, with the one audible noise coming from the keypress bottoms out.


Cherry MX Brown

Brown switches are one in all Cherry MX’s hottest tactile variants, providing a quieter possibility than the Blue swap whereas holding that tactile response and satisfying really feel. Tactile switches, just like the MX Brown, have a slanted leg on the stem, which ends up in a bump round midway by way of the keystroke. As soon as the swap is actuated, the bump registers tactile suggestions. Cherry MX Browns have a lightweight actuation pressure, making them nice for gaming and typing.

cherry mx brown

Cherry MX Velocity Vs Brown: Which Is Greatest?

That is fairly a tricky one to name and it’ll come down as to if you like linear or tactile switches. Usually I favor the linear, extra responsive, Velocity Silver swap however the Cherry MX Brown is a well-liked swap for a cause, it’s so satisfying to make use of.

Regardless of the brown having a better actuation pressure of 55 cN plus extra pre and post-travel, it is likely one of the best-selling switches. The audible noise on the Brown is louder although, so should you want a steadiness between efficiency and acoustic ranges, the MX pace swap might be for one of the best.

The Velocity swap isn’t solely quieter, it’s linear, and lots of favor that fashion. Velocity Silvers comes with the identical actuation because the Pink variant at 45 cN and the shorter pre and post-travel, in principle, means these are extremely responsive. It’s value noting although, whereas the Velocity swap is healthier on paper for gaming, you’ll battle to note the distinction and as at all times for switches, the choice comes right down to your private choice.

Ultimate Phrase

In relation to Cherry MX Velocity Vs Brown it’s actually linear Vs tactile, these are two extensively totally different swap variants. Each are a terrific possibility for gaming and typing, nevertheless, on paper, the Velocity Silvers is the higher possibility for gaming due to their decrease actuation pressure and shorter pre/post-travel. The Browns provide a singular really feel and are extremely fashionable due to the tactile bump they supply. Which you go for is right down to you however but once more, there isn’t a unsuitable reply right here.


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