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Cherry MX Blue Vs Crimson Switches: Which Are Finest For Gaming?


The mechanical change has been round for a really very long time with keyboards, providing customers a extremely responsive, sturdy choice that may final quite a bit longer than the membrane various. One of the vital notable mechanical change producers is Cherry MX, a model that almost all of gaming keyboard homeowners could have heard of.

Cherry MX has many alternative change variants of their repertoire, with completely different options that cater to everybody’s particular necessities. Two of the most well-liked switches from Cherry MX are the Blue and Crimson variants, with each differing in working power, journey distance, and noise. To see which is greatest, we’re going to pit the Cherry MX Blue Vs Crimson, that can assist you resolve what to get along with your subsequent keyboard.

What’s The Distinction Between Mechanical And Membrane Switches?

A change is a mechanism beneath your keycaps that responds to a keystroke (the internal parts make contact) which then sends that data to your laptop.

Mechanical Switch vs Membrane Switch scaled 1

Switches come beneath two predominant classes – mechanical and membrane. Whereas each mechanical and membrane switches produce related finish outcomes, their properties and internal workings differ drastically, producing a unique really feel, response time, lifespan, and noise. Mechanical switches function a wide range of completely different options to cater to everybody’s bespoke wants, resembling response time, noise, actuation velocity, journey time, and tactility, membrane switches solely differ barely from keyboard to keyboard.

Cherry MX Blue Vs Crimson

Cher MX Blue and purple do share some similarities, resembling design and internal parts however within the grand scheme of issues they’re completely different in virtually each approach. As talked about, the Blue and Crimson Cherry MX switches are two of the most well-liked in the marketplace with each differing in working power, journey distance, and noise.

  Cherry MX Blue Cherry MX Crimson
Change Characterstic Tactile Linear
Actuation Pressure 60 cN working power 45 cN working power
Key Journey 2.2mm 2.0mm
Full Actuation Distance 4.0mm 4.0mm
Sound Audible – clicky Audible – non-clicky

Cherry MX Crimson

The Cherry MX Crimson change is likely one of the most well-known mechanical switches obtainable in the present day. The Crimson variant incorporates a low actuation power, linear fashion, and quieter operation, historically making them common amongst avid gamers.

cherry MXRGB Std Red switch


Cherry MX Blue

Cherry MX Blue is likely one of the model’s hottest tactile variants with audible switching traits, usually being described as ‘clicky’. The Blue change is considered one of many tactile variants from Cherry MX, with the next actuation power than the Crimson. The audible click on comes from a click on jacket on the stem of the change, which snaps again as soon as pressed down midway by way of the keystroke, producing the noise. The clicky noise could be very satisfying however fairly loud, so these ought to in all probability be prevented in an workplace setting.

Cherry MXRGB Blue switch



Cherry MX Blue Vs Crimson: Which Is Finest?

These two change variants are very completely different in virtually each approach, with the obvious being the tactile nature and audible click on of the Blue. Like all switches, there isn’t a actual reply as to what’s greatest however the Cherry MX Crimson makes essentially the most sense for gaming, with its extra responsive, linear fashion. I doubt you’ll discover the distinction in-game with these two switches, nevertheless, the Crimson variant has a decrease working power of 45 cN in comparison with the Blue’s 60, and the Crimson options 0.2mm much less pre-travel distance.

Clicky switches, just like the Cherry MX Blue, present a tactile bump in the course of the keypress and likewise produce a noise in the course of the course of. These require a barely larger actuation power of 60 cN and have an extended pre-travel of two.2mm, with the identical 4mm complete journey.

With the shorter journey time and fewer power wanted, I might advocate selecting up the Crimson variant for gaming however on the finish of the day, that is all down to non-public desire. The clicky MX Blue switches are oddly satisfying to make use of due to that tactile bump, so long as you possibly can deal with the noise. Reds are a lot quieter, nevertheless, they nonetheless produce a noise when the keypress bottoms out.

Ultimate Phrase

Cherry MX Blue Vs Crimson, which is it? Properly, For those who love the thought of a tactile change that produces a satisfying, albeit loud, clicky noise, you’ll love the Cherry MX Blues. My desire is for the Cherry MX Reds although, with a clean linear fashion, technically extra responsive, and quieter on the ears.


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