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Bullet Proof Plan for a STRONGER YOU – Half 5: Whole Physique Energetic Stretch


Get essentially the most out of your exercises to develop your final greatest and change into
“The Stronger You” with a Bullet Proof Plan geared to realize success.

Welcome to the ultimate a part of the 5-part sequence for constructing consistency and including energy positive aspects to your exercises. The half 5 technique focuses on figuring out when to alter it as much as preserve your muscle tissues challenged so that you just proceed to realize success.


#5 Change It Up

When you have been following the Bullet Proof Plan since Half 1: you have got established a primary coaching plan (#1), you might be coaching with a objective (#2), you might be staying constant along with your coaching targets (#3), and you might be seeing enhancements inside every exercise (#4). As soon as your physique begins to construct energy and the workouts begin to change into simpler, then you’ll comprehend it’s time to alter up your routine (#5)!

The adjustments might be easy to extend the problem. A couple of methods to alter it up and improve the depth might embody:

• Enhance or lower the incline primarily based on the train
• Change the tempo of the workouts (slower tempos will preserve the muscle underneath rigidity longer!)
• Change the bottom of help (kneeling, excessive kneeling, half kneeling stances)
• Incorporate different workouts
• Add in further reps or units
• Mix two muscle teams collectively (ex: legs & core or chest & cardio drills)

Maintain these 5 coaching methods for achievement in thoughts if you exercise. They’ll finally provide help to obtain a Stronger YOU!


The bullet proof plan is designed to coach a selected muscle group on separate days (a break up routine) to realize a Stronger YOU! The plan is specified by a 5-part weblog sequence that features muscle particular exercises together with useful methods to realize your targets.

Right here’s the Bullet Proof Plan structure:

Half 1: Legs

Half 2: Higher Physique

Half 3: Core

Half 4: Whole Physique Cardio Power

Half 5: Energetic Stretch

Please refer again to the earlier blogs if you happen to occurred to overlook them and begin this system from the start. Now let’s stretch it out and get better your muscle tissues!


Muscle restoration exercises are simply as vital, if no more, than energy exercise. With a purpose to obtain profitable energy positive aspects, you should incorporate flexibility and mobility into your plan. An lively stretching session will promote joint mobility, stability, flexibility, stop damage, and put together you on your subsequent exercise.

Set Up:

• Low-Medium Incline
• Modify incline to accommodate your flexibility


• Carry out every stretch slowly with management.
• Use the core to stabilize every stretch.
• Make the most of a breath that strikes along with your physique’s motion.
• Repeat every stretch for about 5 rounds per aspect.


1. Runners Lunge Rocks

• Targets: Hip flexors, quads, hamstrings
• Carry out: Going through the tower, place one foot on the ground near the glide board with the alternative leg prolonged lengthy on the glide board. Slowly lean ahead into the stretch, then push the hips again and straighten the supporting leg for a hamstring stretch.

Repeat on each side.

2. Half Frog Slide

• Targets: Internal thigh, groin
• Carry out: Going through sideways, open the GB and place the internal aspect of 1 knee on the GB. Place the alternative leg on the backside base with the leg prolonged and arms positioned on the ground. Slowly open and shut the GB to really feel the internal thigh stretch.

Repeat on each side.

3. Rocking Determine 4

• Targets: Outer thigh/ piriformis, glutes
• Carry out: Open the GB and sit on the backside with the heel of your foot positioned contained in the rail. Bend one knee right into a determine 4 (ankle is crossed at thigh) and the opposite leg will bend and prolong to really feel the stretch the place you want it most.

Repeat on each side.

4. Seated Fold & Twist

• Targets: hamstrings, calves, upper-lower again, torso
• Carry out: Sit on the high of the GB with the legs prolonged. Maintain your backbone lengthy and hinge ahead from the hips. Maintain for a number of breaths then around the backbone over the legs. Exhale to roll again up one vertebrae at a time to sitting tall. Fluctuate the stretch by flexing or pointing your toes as you fold over. Add a torso twist to every aspect.

Repeat a number of rounds and discover the motion.

5. Chest & Shoulder Opener

• Targets: Chest, varied shoulder angles
• Carry out: Stand on the tower. Place one hand with thumb going through upward on the tower and switch the ft to comfortably rotate away from arm to really feel the chest open. With the identical arm, rotate the physique into the arm to really feel the stretch throughout the shoulder and higher again. Transfer your physique in several ranges of movement to really feel the stretch the place you want it most.

Repeat on each side.

Remember to try the video demo to see how these lively stretches are carried out in your Whole Health club to change into the STRONGER YOU!

Embrace the problem & prepare arduous!

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